How to Solve Quotefall Puzzles

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Hint Number 6: When letters in the Answer Grid form a partial word, use the letters in the Letters Column to solve for a complete word.

After crossing out the letters from the previous word, we find that there are three columns that contain only a single letter. Drop those letters into the Answer Grid and cross them out.

Note that the word is extended past the first row into the second row. Therefore, we are looking for a seven-letter word with the first four letters being “PUZZ.” From the remaining columns for the last three words comes the letters “LES” to solve the word as “PUZZLES.”

Hint Number 7: Combine methods to fill out Answer Grid squares appropriately.

In this case, look at the three-letter word that starts in the last two columns of the third row of the Answer Grid. Looking at the available letters, two words that stand out are “LEA” and “FUN.”

Notice that the word that precedes the three-letter word is “ARE,” so obviously the adjective “FUN” would be used here, rather than the noun “LEA.” So enter the letters into the answer grid.

Once you enter the letters, fill out the rest of the squares in the Answer Grid that only contain single letters as follows.

Hint Number 8: Look for letters that obviously go with other letters in the Letter Columns. Use inductive reasoning to figure out obvious words from those letters.

Analyzing the available letters in the Letter Columns, note in the first column there is a letter “Q.” In most cases, the letter “Q” would be followed by the letter “U.” While there are some words such as “IRAQ” that do not follow this rule, you can generally check that easily by comparing available Answer Grid words.

Now that you identified the letters that go together, the next step is to look for obvious places to enter those letters into the Answer Grid. Looking down at the third row, we see it is the last three letters of a five letter word that begins with “LE.” This does not appear to allow for a proper word. So we can put the “QU” into the first two letters of the first row of the Answer Grid.