How to Solve Quotefall Puzzles

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Hint Number 3: Identify words that fit logically within the phrase.

If you look at the last word in the phrase, you notice that it follows a comma. Therefore, only certain types of words may correctly be associated with the quote in that space. Looking at the columns as per the previous hint, you notice that there are only two words that will fit: “TOO” and “ZOO.”

Logically, it is most probable that the word “TOO” would best fit, as the word “ZOO” can not logically stand alone in a phrase. While there is a remote chance that the word “ZOO” may actually be correct for this phrase, it is recommended that the word “TOO” be used here.

Hint Number 4: As letters get crossed off in the Letters Column, single letters occasionally remain. There is only one place for these letters, so enter them into the Answer Grid.

After you cross out the letters which were entered as the word “TOO” in its location in the last row, note any empty squares in the Answer Grid. If there is only one square remaining in the Answer Grid for a particular column, it is logical that the remaining letter belongs to that square.

In the third column from the end, notice that there is a “Z” remaining in the column. Enter the letter into the Answer Grid and cross out the letter in the Letters Column.

Hint Number 5: As letters are crossed off the list, look at remaining letters to ferret out logical words.

For instance, looking at the three-letter word in the third row, letters in the corresponding columns have been crossed off to form other words. This leaves fewer choices of words with the remaining letters in the columns. In this case, there is only one word that can be created from the remaining letters: “ARE.”

Place the appropriate letters into the Answer Grid and, as before, cross out the used letters.