How to Solve Quotefall Puzzles

Page 1 of 5 — Quotefall Puzzle Description

Quotefall puzzles have two distinctive zones. The first zone, located in the top part of the puzzle, is known as the “Letter Columns,” while the second zone on the bottom is known as, fittingly, the “Answer Grid.”

To solve the puzzle, you must take the letters from the upper Letter Columns and enter them into the lower Answer Grid, with the following conditions:

  1. The letters must be entered, or “fall,” into the Answer grid within the same column that the letter was stored.
  2. Each black square in the Answer Grid represents a space in the quote. No letter will ever take the place of a black square.
  3. Some squares in the Answer Grid are already occupied by various punctuation marks, or numbers. No letter will ever take the place of such occupied squares.
  4. Each letter will be used once, and only once. When the Quotefall is finished, no letters will remain.
  5. Words MAY carry over from one row to another. The only divider between words are either black squares or appropriate punctuation marks, such as hyphens.
Hint Number 1: Look for “short” columns or columns with duplicate letters.

For instance, looking at the fifth column, you notice that the letter “E” is repeated twice, with no other letter. We can safely assume that “E” can be placed in the two boxes below. Let’s start with those letters. Don’t forget to mark the letters off in the Letter’s Column once you make them “fall” into the Answer Grid.

This will now help with trying to put together words.

Hint Number 2: Look for small words.

For instance, looking in the second row, we see a two-letter word. Looking up in the columns, we see an R, a T, and a U in the first column, while we see an E, an O, a T, and a Z in the second column.

The only two-letter word we can obtain out of those letters is the word “TO.” Therefore, write “TO” in the space for the words in the Answer Grid, and cross out the letters in the Letters Columns.